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Add resize partition as part of P2V

Partitions can be resized on the original hdd, or with a temporary or intermediate vhd [MS, Vbox, &/or VMWare], to get rid of the excess space that most have on their system drive. Vhd partitions can be resized in Paragon's Virtualization Mgr., but like the extra step of using a temp/intermediate vhd, this is time consuming. I don't know that it can be made faster -- it may always take as long as it takes -- but by including the resize in the P2V job at least you wouldn't have 2 somewhat long operations with user interaction in between... IMHO that would make for a smoother job flow, not having to monitor step one to see if it completed.

mike , 16.09.2010, 20:48
Idea status: under consideration


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